Support Ecuador and Japan!

On April 14 and 16, a multiple series of Earthquake shook the islands of Kyushu in Japan.  On the other side of the pacific, a massive Earthquake attacked Ecuador on April 16. As there are still many aftershocks in both countries, it is extremely difficult to find out the final results of the Earthquakes.
In response to these devastating disasters in both Japan and Ecuador, the Letter to My Parents Contest Organizing Committee in three regions — Chicago, Hawai‘i, and Los Angeles — invite friends, businesses, and all the contestants from the previous years to join us and support the disaster relief effort through a monetary support.
For Japan, the funds collected will be transferred to Reiyukai as a part of Reiyukai’s Arigato Kodama Fund and will be donated to Kumamoto Prefecture.  
In the same way, for Ecuador, collected funds will be channeled through Ecuadorian Volunteers Association, deposited in a special account for the purchase and distribution of needed essentials such as water, food and medicines. 
All the donors and contributors will be receiving a letter of appreciation acknowledging the monetary support, which can be used for income tax purposes.
Thank you for your support!

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4.27.16 Note: We detected a minor error this morning, but it is all fixed now! Thank you for your patience! (LMP Organizer)

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